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Hammerpoint Interactive has released two more screenshots for their zombie MMO War Z. Regardless of whether or not the game lives up to its ambitious plans, it'll still be pretty to look at.

War Z is described as a sandbox survival game. Players will explore an open world between 200-400 square kilometers in size. They can fight other players or work together to fend off the undead roaming the wilderness, towns, and cities.

There are obvious similarities between this game and the popular ARMA 2 mod DayZ. WarZ seems like it will be a more structured experience, though. Players will be able to create quests for each other or post bounties on their enemies. The game worlds will feature safe settlements where players can buy, sell, or store items.

The visuals of War Z look a lot better than DayZ's, too. Today's screenshots (via OnlySP), and the images previously released, have an impressive level of both polish and diversity. DayZ's less flashy visuals are something you just sort of tolerate because of how fun the game is.

Still, the fact remains that DayZ is already a playable game while War Z isn't even out yet. It might be unfair to compare the two at the present time. We'll see how the games truly stack up when War Z enters beta testing later this summer.

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