Things may or may not go well for Digital Extremes and Perfect World Entertainment now that gamers are mobilizing to setup a “play strike”.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, some gamers have started a Reddit thread in hopes of initiating a “strike” in order to get gamers to unite against PWE's potential cash shop tactics.

According to the details of the strike, gamers are not to play the game between July 6th and July 7th. They can resume playing once July 8th rolls around.

Some gamers believe that the strike is silly, while others believe that it may be necessary to send a message about the strength and influence of the gaming community. Of course, there's no official word just yet on what the definitive outcome will be regarding the future of Digital Extremes and the proposed acquisition.

Warframe is hailed by a lot of gamers as one of the very best free-to-play games ever made. It's a very satisfying experience for people who have time and effort to put into the game. It has an extremely steep learning curve and the gameplay is as rewarding as it is challenging. Literally, it is a one of a kind free-to-play title that earned its success and reputation through a lot of hard work by Digital Extremes and a ton of support from the core community.

However, there are strong rumors circulating that Perfect World Entertainment could be purchasing Warframe developer Digital Extremes. Things are not finalized just yet, but there is a strong likelihood circulating throughout the industry that Perfect World Entertainment – the maker of games such as Perfect World Online, Forsaken World and publisher of Champions Online – is deep set on the Digital Extremes acquisition in order to get their hands on (or into) Warframe's notable cash-flow.

Back in February it was made known that Warframe had eclipsed 5.5 million users, as noted by Gamerant, and it was also noted that the game was the most downloaded app for the PlayStation 4 next to Netflix, as reported by PSU.

Due to the game's popularity the community is extremely reluctant of the PWE acquisition. Many gamers feel as if Perfect World will implement the same kind of cash shop restrictions that they have in many of their other games, where there is a pay-wall for just about single feature in the game.

Right now, Warframe is viewed by the gaming community as being a very fair and balanced free-to-play title, offering cash shop incentives that many gamers actually want to spend money on and promoting strong community growth with the cohesive cooperative experience.

It's easy to see why gamers might be averse to an acquisition from a larger MMO publisher when the track record shows that games under the company's publishing license usually turn into cash grabs.

As an alternative, one of the more desired possibilities is that Warframe becomes its own standalone game for offline play. However, with PWE stepping in to acquire the company, such plans may never materialize. Hopefully Digital Extremes can come out of the whole ordeal intact.
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