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There's a bit of a problem with Maniaplanet's new game, Shootmania. If you instal the game into a root directory and then decide to uninstall the game, it deletes ALL the files and folders in the root directory it was installed in. The light-bulb moment probably made you go "FFFFFUUUUUUUUUU......!!!!'

Yeah so, there are a lot of threads popping up at this very moment, including a PSA on Reddit warning people about the dangerous of installing and then uninstalling the game if it's not in the proper directory. A brief explanation of the scenario was explained by user mgctim, saying...
Nadeo recently released a beta for a game called Shootmania. The installer asked me where I want to install 'maniaplanet' which made me think my game would be in a subfolder on install, much the way Adobe installs products. Since I don't like digging further than I have to for a folder, I installed to E:\Games expecting Shootmania to end up in E:\Games\Shootmania. I checked the install after and it had installed maniaplanet (which is a launcher for Nadeo's games, I found out later) directly in E:\Games, cluttering it up. I then uninstalled the game so I could reinstall to E:\Games\maniaplanet and the everything in E:\Games was removed. (as an aside I work for a large youtube channel making game walkthroughs, so losing save files hurts pretty bad. Recovery software was unsuccessful)

Other users on the Maniaplanet forum board are experiencing the same issue, mistakenly installing the game in a root directory, following the assumption that a sub-directory would be created. So, for instance, if you installed Shootmania to the C:\ and decided to uninstall the game, it would wipe out your entire C:\...everything!

There are threads here warning people about the dangers of the installation, as well as another thread here.

After the issue started picking up some steam on social networks and of course, people began to realize that installing the game to a generalized folder and then uninstalling it meant wiping out everything in that folder (could you imagine if you installed it to your Steam or Origin directory? Youch), Nadeo took to the forums to address the issue.

Nadeo moderator, Hylis, recently posted in one of the threads stating that...
The may be a mistake here. We made many tests and many games so far, and it never came to our hears and I have never been aware of such report (does not mean it never existed) Or it is a new issue in the beta.

Whatever, we will try to improve this asap.

That's actually a really good thing, too, because I was about to join the beta for future write-ups on the game, and just like mgctim, I keep most of all my games on a separate hard drive in a generic folder called "Games"...that's where they go when installing them. Much like other users who already suffered a terrible fate when uninstalling the game, had I installed it to that general directory under the assumption that it would automatically create a new sub-directory then I would be in for a very, very, very rude awakening.

Anyone else testing the beta should definitely take note of this issue and avoid uninstalling the game if it's not in its own separate sub-directory. Otherwise you could be losing more than just a game or two.

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