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The growing trend in development has been the action-oriented MMO. There’s a number of projects still in the making that happen to redirect the focus of a massive-multiplayer online game into a fast-paced, action-RPG. True Games Interactive’s latest title, Warrior Epic, fits into this description nicely and the new screenshots showoff why.

What makes Warrior Epic so unique is, firstly, it doesn’t have ‘Online’ at the end of the title. Next, the game doesn’t just allow players to control and command one warrior, but many warriors: Instead of manning a character from the start, the game puts players in charge of a Warrior’s Hall, in which they will manage their characters and adventures.

The Warrior Hall works in ways that exceed a central hub for player control. If a player character dies there’s the option of reviving them or using their spirit to imbue it into weapons or skills for additional damage. Nice, eh?

You can check out the new screenshots below, and be sure to visit the Official Warrior Epic Website for more details on the game. For more updates, news and media regarding the latest gaming titles, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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