It's been more than a year since the Kickstarter success of Wasteland 2, fully funded via the hard earned money of gamers. Brian Fargo and crew at inXile Entertainment have been hard at work on the isometric RPG, hoping to bring back some of the nostalgic moments of PC gaming, and the time is nearly upon us, as Fargo has set a time frame for the beta to release sometime in December.

Strategy Informer caught wind of the beta from a Tweet by inXile's head-honcho, Brian Fargo, where he stated...

The beta is being designed for the backers of the game, and it will give users a good taste of what the team is working on. Essentially they'll get feedback on the game and make progress from there.

If you're wondering when the game will be made available to a wide audience, following the release of the beta, don't get your hopes up too high (too soon). Fargo makes it known that right now the beta is aimed solely at backers, and others will have to wait before they get their hands on it.

Blues News spotted the follow-up tweet by Fargo, who stated...

Gamers have been extremely excited for Wasteland 2 because it's the long awaited sequel that inXile Entertainment couldn't get the game greenlit by publishers but were able to design thanks to crowd-funding. In fact, they managed to design the game under-budget and have taken the additional time to flesh out and expand the game beyond their original scope, which is something every gamer likes to hear.

Wasteland 2 will bring back real choices and consequences to the game space like it was 1997 and game-changing choices like the ones found in The Last Express were fashionable again.

In addition to being a story-driven, character motivated isometric, turn-based RPG, Wasteland 2 will also sport dynamic character growth, plenty of items, weapons and gear to collect, as well as multiple routes and ways to complete objectives and missions, in addition to having tons of side-quests to help flesh out the game's main storyline.

I'm definitely excited for Wasteland 2 because it feels so much like a real game – based on what's been made available for public consumption. I'm definitely looking forward to more feedback from the beta, and hopefully a solid release date for the title.

Wasteland 2 is being designed for PC, Mac and Linux, which means it will support Valve's SteamOS. You can learn more by paying a kind visit to the official Wasteland 2 website.

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