I haven't played a recent big budget RPG that actually feels like it compliments and extends the features from the old-school in a progressive and evolutionary way. Most mainstream RPGs these days seem more focused on nabbing Hollywood talent and bragging about the big budget. Well, Wasteland 2 is the complete opposite and it looks like gold.

InXile Entertainment released a new preview of the alpha build of Wasteland 2 and it's nearly 20 minutes of gaming greatness. Yes, greatness. Check it out below.

Whoa, did you see that real-time exploration? Was that legitimate player-choice being exercised as opposed to artificial decision making that many big-budget RPGs shove our way (Mass Effect 3's RGB endings)?

The possibilities of this game are what's most impressive. Bashing in the door using a skill was something I haven't seen since Jagged Alliance 2. Remember you could also rig doors with explosives and blast walls open as well? Well, it's cool that these kind of features are making a return in Wasteland 2 and it looks like this game hasn't skipped a beat from what REAL games used to be back in the day.

I'm also especially impressed with the inclusion of new-school mechanics like cover-based combat, multi-directional attacks, flanking and some physics-based destruction. That is so freaking impressive.

It's just a huge breath of fresh air that this Kickstarted game seems to be on route to delivering the perfect experience that the gaming community has been clamoring for since...well...since Planescape: Torment.

You can learn more about Wasteland 2 by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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