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Who knew that not having someone drooling over your shoulder and barking out focus-group friendly orders would actually improve productivity? Well, that's what seems to be the case over at inXile Entertainment headed up by Brian Fargo, who has admitted that the team is working fast and furious on Wasteland 2 thanks to a modest budget, streamlined accessibility to assets from the Unity store and a whole lot of high morale.

In a keynote speech at the annual Unite conference, captured Fargo's comments, as he sung praises to the gaming community, the benefits of crowd-funding and the empowerment of independent development, saying...
"We've been working on Wasteland 2 for about 100 days, with no distractions from any kind of corporate overlord," ... "We have hundreds of pages of design done, we have our first music in, we have our basic UI up-and-running, and we've taken our first screenshots.

"The bottom line is that, without any interruption, we're kicking ass."

Wasteland 2 managed to accrue an impressive $3 million from their Kickstarter initiative. The huge success of the project even caught the attention of Obsidian's Chris Avellone, who joined the inXile team briefly as a contributor to the game's development.

The team is also making good use of the Unity Engine, which has become the champion of independent game design. The engine is highly flexible, and despite some gamers wanting the team to utilize the Unreal Engine, I think inXile made the perfect decision of going with Unity, which sports a microtransaction asset store so that devs can spend what they need instead of being forced to spend a lot on a hefty license.

Fargo stated that...
People ask why we chose Unity, and it has a lot of technical positives, but really, for me, it came down to the store, the communication and the sharing of knowledge. That's the real power of Unity; it's not the technical aspects. You can't beat the crowd."

"Corporations don't have artistic integrity; people do. This sort of integrity impacts on production and how a property is exploited... There are employees of these organisations that have this integrity, but they don't have the power to do anything about it.”

I can't wait to see how Wasteland 2 turns out. It sounds like it's going to be pretty awesome, and an improved version of the classic Fallout design will be very welcomed in today's climate of mainstream cookie-cutter titles and “Me-Too” wannabes.

You can check out the rest of the speech over at For more information on Wasteland 2 you can visit the Official Website.

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