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Heroes of the Storm will soon be adding Rexxar as a playable character. A new trailer from Blizzard Entertainment shows this feared hunter in action.

Rexxar is a half-orc, half-ogre beastmaster who first appeared in Warcraft 3's expansion The Frozen Throne. In the expansion's bonus campaign, he helped Thrall establish the new Horde in the face of Alliance aggression. Rexxar also made several cameos throughout World of Warcraft's history. You can even become him in the collectible card game Hearthstone.

In Heroes of the Storm, Rexxar is a ranged Warrior who tosses axes at nearby foes. He doesn't enter battle alone, though. Rexxar is accompanied by his pet bear Misha. He can also call on other animals to attack his foes. Here's his full list of abilities:
  • Spirit Swoop (Q): Summons a hawk in a straight line that slows enemies hit.
  • Misha, Charge! (W): Misha charges towards a location, stunning enemies hit.
  • Mend Pet (E): Heals Rexxar and Misha (if she's nearby).
  • Bestial Wrath (R1): Greatly boost Misha's fighting capabilities.
  • Unleash the Boars (R2): Summons boars that charge towards enemy heroes, greatly slowing them on impact, and revealing them.
Rexxar definitely has a potent mix of abilities at his disposal. He has loads of crowd control to keep enemies at bay or set up allies' attacks. Plus, while his foes are trying to chase him down, Misha is mauling them. He sounds like a real pain in the ass to fight. I imagine he'll be as popular in Heroes of the Storm as Hunters are in WoW and Hearthstone.

Blizzard has two other Heroes of the Storm characters planned for the near future. Artanis is a Protoss warrior from StarCraft who mixes it up on the frontlines with dual wristblades. The Medic, also from StarCraft, is a single-target healer who can evacuate herself and allies with a dropship. Neither of these characters have received spotlight videos yet though so they're further away from launch.

Heroes of the Storm's Diablo-themed event "Eternal Conflict" will be wrapping up next Tuesday. I wonder if Rexxar will be added to the game with a patch the same day?

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