Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 from Activision and Treyarch is set to receive the new Awakening DLC expansion that's part of the season pass for the game. The DLC is being aggressively promoted with teaser trailers spotlighting each map in the pack. The latest trailer focuses on the “Rise” multiplayer deathmatch map.

Gamespot has linked to the latest trailer that you can check out below, which is only 20 seconds long but teases and hints at what gamers can expect from the new location.

The teaser is just that... a teaser.

It's very short and snappy and right to the point. The map “Rise” takes place on a skyscraper where construction is taking place in the futuristic setting. We get to see how there are faux agricultural elements set to be placed onto the roof with shrubbery and trees, as well as pipes and concrete foundations lying around that have yet to be laid into place. Cement mixers and erect cranes stand to work as obstructions that players will likely be able to utilize as a way to lay down suppression fire – wait, who am I kidding? There is no such thing as suppression fire in Call of Duty. Gamers will use the obstructions to camp and then pop out and shoot someone in the back when they run past... it's a typical tradition in Call of Duty.

We get to see multi-tiered scaffolding littered throughout the stage as well, which will likely be used as a vantage point for snipers.

It's not all outdoor segments, though. Since it's on the roof of a building there are some elements that allow players to run indoors for some tight, close quarters combat.

Tenuous corridors and brightly lit hallways eventually give way to entrances and exits that lead back out into the slightly more spacious rooftop. Each area appears to be finely crafted for the Black Ops 3 experience, offering players plenty of room to run and slide as well as jump and hide. The accommodation of jetpacks in the outdoor areas are juxtaposed with low-ceilings and concrete pillars in other areas.

The map appears to satisfy the desires of gamers who want spacious maps to run and snipe, as well as those who prefer the intimacy of CQC.

“Rise” will be joined by three other Black Ops 3 multiplayer maps, including “Skyjacked”, “Gauntlet” and a map that I think looks absolutely hilarious called “Splash”, which is set in a water park.

According to GameZone the new expansion clocks in at 9.1GB and will take several hours even on a 10MBp/s connection. The “Awakening” expansion will also feature the cooperative story mode map for the Zombies mode called “Der Eisendrache". Players will pick up where the action last left off on “The Giant”.

The DLC will launch first on the PS4 starting February 2, and then it will be available for Xbox One and PC gamers thereafter. The modding tools for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 are expected to arrive later in the year.
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