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Watch The World-First Kill Of Mythic Imperator In World Of Warcraft

Last week, the European World of Warcraft guild Paragon became the first team in the world to defeat Imperator Mar'gok on Mythic difficulty. Today they released the full video of their kill.

Imperator Mar'gok is the final boss of Highmaul. Much like the last encounters in other raids, it's a long and complex battle. Paragon's kill lasts around 18 minutes.

You can see why the video took them a few days to put together. Paragon had five of their 20 players recording footage so you can see the fight from multiple perspectives. Here's the epic soundtrack they used, in case you're curious:

  • Audiomachine - Avow
  • Thomas Bergersen - Creation of the Earth
  • Thomas Bergersen - Empire of Angels
  • Thomas Bergersen - Dragonland

Mar'gok is a mage who uses powerful Arcane spells to defeat his enemies. The main gimmick of the fight are his runestones, which modify his main abilities when activated. For example, his Arcane Wrath spell restricts players from moving 10 yards from their present location when Rune of Displacement is active. There are three different runes he'll activate throughout the course of the fight so keeping tracking of all of their effects and adapting to them proves to be a challenge.

Paragon previously revealed that they killed Mythic Imperator after 122 attempts. While trying a 18+ minute fight over 100 times may sound like a chore, Paragon's members sound like they enjoyed themselves. This isn't the first time they killed a boss before the rest of the world but they still scream like crazy after the Imperator finally goes down.

"Its a nice traditional fight but has some issues, mainly with length and repetitiveness but they’re not major," restoration druid Alzu said on Paragon's website. He also said that Imperator might be among his top five favorite fights along with Lei Shen and Ragnaros.

Highmaul is the first raid zone introduced since the release of expansion pack Warlords of Draenor. The raid takes players to an ogre city with seven bosses. It's available in four difficulty settings: Looking for Raid, Normal, Heroic and Mythic. It took Paragon less than a week to clear the raid on Mythic difficulty. To date, only ten guilds worldwide have finished Highmaul on Mythic.

The race for world-first will begin again early next year. Blizzard plans to release the next raid, Blackrock Foundry, in February.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.