We're at the end of December and we're at the finale of 2013. All the good, bad, ugly and interesting from the year has been covered, recapped and put into focus. Each week seemed to offer something big and burly for us to gaze at like an elephant in a powder room, and we gazed, and gazed, and gazed. This week was no different, as our “Best Of” lists rolled out amidst news about Minecraft on the Wii U made big headlines and users pumped out some interesting reviews on Steam for DayZ. We also have plenty more stories throughout the holiday week that you may or may not have known about. These stories and more in this December 28th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap, which also happens to be the final recap of 2013.

PS4 CPU More Powerful Than Xbox One CPU According to a new benchmark, the Xbox One's CPU gets trounced by the PS4 in yet another category of processing power.

Minecraft 3D Printer Is Amazing and Insanely Complicated Check out the creative measures taken by some nifty designers that allows you to print 3D objects within Minecraft.

Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshots Released, Main Campaign Playable The newest Dragon Age gets a couple of new screenshots and you can see how the game looks after the jump.

Best Games of 2013: Ryan Sides With Talking Animals We're rolling out the rest of our top games of 2013 and Ryan offers up his list.

Third Law Firm Levies Lawsuit Against EA Over Broken Battlefield 4 EA comes under even more fire for the botched release of Battlefield 4.

MX Vs ATV Series Resurrected By Nordic Games An old racing title makes its return thanks to Nordic Games.

Killzone Shadowfall Patch Adds Team Voice Chat Well that's going to help out a ton in team deathmatch.

Xbox One Day One Patch And The Network Setup Conundrum What can you do with the Xbox One out of the box? Nothing.

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Impressions It's a fun ride for sure, but it's an awfully hollow one, too.

War Thunder Update Adds 20 Planes, 8 Maps The latest update adds plenty of new content for gamers looking for some extra fun out of the free-to-play aerial simulator.

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