January is coming to a close and the month seemed to churn out more news than both November and December of 2011 combined. Blizzard announced that they won't be hosting BlizzCon this year because they've become overwhelmed with projects, which is sort of a good thing. Hints about the actual release window for the Xbox 720 surfaces and Microsoft, in a bold move, plans to eradicate the use of MS Points by the end of 2012. These stories and more in this January 28th, 2012 edition of the Gaming blend Weekly Recap.


Interesting New Mass Effect 3 Details New information leaks out to the public regarding the way story structures and character interactions are handled in Mass Effect 3.

Red Solstice Trailer Shows Off Single-Player RTS-Arcade Gameplay An interesting combination of arcade isometric action and real-time strategy gameplay.

Sniper Elite V2 Observe, Plan and Execute Trailer A new trailer from Rebellion detailing how running-and-gunning like Call of Duty just won't work in their game.

DCS: P-51D Mustang Coming Later This Year Take to the skies with a classic warplane from World War II, later this year for PC.

Alan Wake System Requirements Aren't Very Scary Is your computer up to par? It won't be hard getting there if it isn't.


Rumor: Syphon Filter 4, God of War IV Announcements Coming In February The rumors have been stacking up and for God of War IV it was a matter of when and not if.

Need for Speed World Adds Lamborghini Countach, Lexus LFA, Nissan 200SX Some fancy schmancy new cars have been added to the already impressive roster of vehicles in the game.

Twisted Metal and Starhawk Collide With Sweet Tooth Outcast Skin The legendary clown that would give many a kid nightmares makes his appearance in StarHawk.

Grand Theft Auto III, GTA Vice City, Coming Soon To PSN? New information hints at a possible re-release of two classic games on the PlayStation Network.

Blizzard Says Diablo 3 Release Date Is Nearing This is good news for those who still keep up with Diablo 3's release.

Jagex Games Wins Legal Battle Against RuneScape Botters One small step for players of RuneScape, one large step for Jagex against the war on botters.

Guild Wars 2 Still Coming In 2012; More Beta Events Incoming NCSoft still has plans to launch the game this year and they'll be rewarding the patient with some beta events.

Microsoft Says Xbox 360 Exclusives Are About Quality Not Quantity Yeah okay, so where are all the quality exclusives then, MS? Huh?

BioWare Says Making The Old Republic Was Like teaching Elephants To Do Ballet More than 800 employees worked on the game from all over the world.

Resident Evil Revelations Trailer Features Five Minutes Worth Of Spoilers Well, if you don't mind the game being spoiled, then here you go.


Rumor: Xbox 720 Set To Release November 2013 New insider info emerges about the possible release date for Microsoft's next console.

Tony Jaa Directly Involved With Ong Bak The Game This is good news for gamers worried that maybe Ong-Bak was just a cash-in job.

Death Gets Badass In DarkSiders II Screenshots

UFC Undisputed 3 Demo Now Available For Xbox 360, PS3 Check out a few of the fighters and the fighting styles in a demo for Undisputed 3.

Microsoft Abandoning MS Points For Xbox Live, Zune, Windows Phone No more MS Points. How about real money instead?

Chin-Up Now Available For Mobile Phones, PC Get high in this mobile casual game. High as in elevation not stoned.

QuakeCon 2012 Coming To Dallas, Texas In August Get the latest on all things id Software at the upcoming QuakeCon.

Try Assassin's Creed Revelations Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack For Free A couple of extra maps are available for your gaming perusal.

Mass Effect 3 Action Figures Give You Random DLC Well I guess here's an interesting benefit to playing with toys.

Jak & Daxter Collection Hitting PS3 In February More classic PlayStation titles coming to the PS3.


Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Audio Director Apologizes for Donkey Kong Rap Was the rap really that bad? Hardly.

Saints Row The Third Sells 3 Million, THQ Ditches Kiddy Games Nice, no more casuals for THQ...they're going full-on hardcore.

Paradox CEO Says DRM Makes You Lose Money; Hear That Ubisoft? Paradox Interactive CEO finally comes out and talks about the giant elephant in the room: the money pinching imp known as DRM.

Jagged Alliance Back In Action Plan & Go Proves Strategy Games Are Still Relevant A new, innovative feature enhances an already classic game.

Hitman: Sniper Challenge A Kinect Game? A new Hitman game could be aimed at the casual crowd.

Mass Effect 3 DLC Included With Artbook; PS3 Snubbed Again If you buy the game for the Xbox 360 with an artbook you'll get some extra goodies...not so much for the PS3 version.

Star Prospector Now Available On GameStop's Impulse Journey throughout the galaxy and mine some dangerous planets for resources.

Gettysburg: Armored Warfare Launching Later This Year The Civil War takes on a whole new kind of dynamic with Paradox Interactive's new FPS.

Lord of the Rings Online Riders of Rohan Adds Mounted Comat Fight from your mount with the new update.

BlizzCon 2012 Cancelled Blizzard has more important things to attend to.

Apple Reports Record Breaking Holiday Sales They're making a lot of money...that's all there is to it. Now if only they can keep it up.


Sega Explains Aliens Colonial Marines Delay, Trailer Coming Tomorrow Sega explains exactly what happened with the Colonial Marines delay.

Diablo 3 Loses Companion Pets, Reforging Scrolls, Speed Release Blizzard makes some last minute adjustments to the highly anticipated MMO...oops, I mean RPG.

Red 5 Says Big Publishers Aren't Meaningful To Developers Anymore It's true, it's very true...they harm more than they help.

AAA Motion Capture Animations Available Via Microtransactions Purchase animations for your project for less than the cost of buying a Blu-Ray disc.

Tropico 4 Modern Times DLC Screenshots Released Get a brief glimpse at the upcoming DLC for Tropico 4: Modern Times.

MicroVolts Pow Wow Update Takes Gamers To The Dev's Office

Deus Ex, Hitman Arrives On GOG Two classics from the golden era of gaming arrive on GOG.

Steam Mobile App Currently In Beta for iPhones, Android Take Steam with you wherever you go with the new mobile app. Keep up with friends, game content and news all while you're staying mobile.


Insomniac Done With Resistance In a startling turn of events, the people who helped launch the first-party renaissance for the PS3 are abandoning the generational IP that helped put them on the map.

Gotham City Imposters Open Beta Launches For Xbox 360, PS3 Head to Gotham and either clean up the streets or wreck havoc in the open beta.

Old Republic Director Says There's Still A Place For Subscriber-Based MMOs BioWare's director of Star Wars: The Old Republic think that there's still room for a few big dogs.

Hegemony Rome: Rise of Caesar Dev Diary Covers Features Innovations A new trailer detailing the features and innovations of the upcoming strategy title.

Street Fighter X Tekken PS3 Exclusive Characters Include Mega Man and Pac-Man. It's not the Mega Man you may have been expecting, though.

STALKER Online MMO Heads Into Beta If you've always wanted to stalk creatures and hunt monsters with friends in the desolated wastelands of Chernobyl, you can now do so with the STALKER MMO.

Soul Calibur V DLC Costumes and Music Coming Next Month Additional assets and clothing material for characters and aesthetics will be arriving in February.

Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Opening Cinematic Full of Ice and Blood It's not for everyone but it's definitely a sight to behold.


Prototype 2 Hardened Steel Best Buy Exclusive If you pick up a copy of the game from Best Buy you'll receive some special bonuses.

Rayman Origins PC Release Date, System Requirements Announced A set-in-stone release date for the Rayman Origins for PC.

Official Achievements For SSX Revealed Get a complete look at the achievements available in the upcoming snowboarding game.

Harmonix Working On A Downloadable Title From Guitar Hero to Facebook. I'm not sure they really upgraded on this one.

Twisted Metal Gone Gold; Free Bonuses RevealedTwisted Metal Gone Gold; Free Bonuses Revealed The game's development is done and finished and it's pretty much ready to be shipped to a retailer near you.

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle Screenshots Revealed Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle Screenshots Revealed New screenshots for the oddball adventure game starring an easy-on-the-eyes pirate.

PlayStation Vita Launch Day Bundle Anounced Find out all of what you get in the complete bundle package for the PSV.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. A new debut trailer was released for the upcoming point-and-click adventure title from a Swedish developer called The Dream Machine. You can check it out below. Enjoy.

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