A snapshot of the Wii U versus Xbox One sales comparisons showed that Nintendo's little console that could is still packing a mean punch on the sales charts. Disney and Marvel get serious about publishers and distributors licensing their games and pull the plug on a whole lot of digitally distributed titles with licensed Marvel characters in them, and gamers come out of a very turbulent 2013 in order to welcome 2014 with open arms... hopefully.

We also have up some new reviews, some insightful commentary that looks forward about upcoming titles throughout the year – many of which have already gain favorable laud – and plenty of game trailers released throughout the week that you may have missed. We have all of this, tons of things in between and more in 2014's very first edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

DayZ Tops Steam Charts Two Weeks In A Row Bohemia Interactive's zombie-survival game is making waves early on in its lifespan.

Mighty No. 9 Female Hero 'Call' Final Appearance Revealed After a lot of controversy we finally get to see the final design of the female hero in the upcoming Kickstarted game, Mighty No. 9.

Xbox One, PS4 Sold 1,000 Units Per Minute On Amazon During the peak buying hours the PS4 and Xbox One were selling out like hot cakes.

PS4 Units Back In Stock, Now Available For Pre-Order From Amazon Japan The beast from the east continues to dominate the pre-order charts, even for pre-orders in Japan.

Can You Use An Xbox One or PS4 With An SDTV? Short answer: no. Long answer: nope.

Gran Turismo 5, Resistance Online Multiplayer Shutting Down MAG and SOCOM are also going kaput.

GTA Online Money Exploit Fixes Incoming, Best Player Missions Announced Rockstar still has a lot of work ahead of them for GTA Online.

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