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We all knew it was coming, but we just didn't know how, what, or why. Thanks to a report from VG247, we at least know the what.

There's going to be a brand new game coming in the future set in the Diablo universe. But there aren't enough details at present to tell whether or not it's going to be a brand new game, an expansion, a mobile title, or what.

This information comes from a specific job listing that Blizzard has posted on its official website, putting out a call for an art director position for the Diablo franchise, likely for a project in its earliest stages.

To be perfectly honest, we've got very little to go by here and it's going to be difficult to tell what's coming down the pipeline, but given that we didn't get a full reveal or anything like it during Gamescom, there's a whole lot that needs to be done just yet before Blizzard can say anything more.

What would really be interesting is an HD remake of Diablo and Diablo II built the same way as the excellent Diablo III, but with fewer snafus and issues that plagued the original Diablo III upon its release. Seeing the familiar missions, classes, and even hearing the sound bytes from playing the game back during its original release would be an exciting prospect, especially if mechanics from the new games were sprinkled in for good measure, such as Followers.

Followers are NPCs that are found throughout Sanctuary in Diablo III who are more than willing to accompany you into battle. Not only can they fight on your behalf, but they may also level up, acquire new abilities, and receive new and improved equipment should you choose to provide it.

Think of them as aides that you can outfit and grow as you see fit. You may not be able to customize them as closely as your own Hero, but done correctly they can be molded into formidable assistants. This would be a boon for players getting into the original Diablo, taking help down to see the Butcher and all.

Also, additional content and reworked story areas with new cut scenes would be a major thing for fans of the series. I'm getting excited just sitting here thinking about it. Good thing there's a lot of new StarCraft content coming out for us to whet our appetites for all things Blizzard with. Personally, I'm thinking remastering some classic StarCraft wouldn't be so bad of an idea either, but I know the entirety of the gaming landscape can't all be remakes and HD remasters. But one can try and lap up all the nostalgia she can while the market is open to it, right?

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