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If you've been playing Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, then you've likely been having a pretty great week of running, jumping, and swinging from ropes. Still, the game isn't perfect, as a few pesky bugs have popped up in both single and multiplayer modes. Thankfully, the team at Naughty Dog is already tackling known issues with an incoming patch.

Announced over on the Naughty Dog blog, the Uncharted 4 Patch 1.03 will boast a handful of tweaks for single player, with a whole bunch of small issues being squashed on the multiplayer side of the adventure.

Whether your copy of Uncharted 4 has crashed a couple times, or multiplayer rewards aren't dishing out the way they're supposed to, it looks like Naughty Dog has you covered. Here's a rundown of the Patch 1.03 notes:

-Various Localization updates

Single Player:
-Fixed various crashes
-Fixed particle sync issue

Multiplayer (General):
-Gameplay crash fixes
-Fix for Entitlement Limits being reached causing users to not see Uncharted Points they had purchased
-Enabled a pop-up to appear while in the menus to inform users of new updates
-Fix for Challenge completed pop-up appearing after already completing the challenge
-Fix for Loadout Point unlocks not triggering properly
-Fix for store item descriptions
-Leaderboard text fixes
-Fix for post-game medal description
-Added Leaderboards menu item to matchmaking page so players can check out their leaderboard stats while in matchmaking
-Fixed booster level issue for late-joiners
-Sniper Sidekick - Path of Indra mod now plays sound properly when Sniper teleports
-Timer display error fix for Matchmaking lobby
-Fix for private match settings not being visible after viewing previous game results
-Fixed crash that can occur during the end game scoreboard

Multiplayer (Ranked TDM):
-Fix for team favor display for when teams are evenly matched in Ranked TDM
-Fix for rank point bug where players were incorrectly getting penalized for both win/loss
-Rank progress is now displayed when browsing the Ranked TDM playlist, before entering
-Lowered the max rank that can be achieved after initial placement matches from Gold I to Gold III

Multiplayer (Command)
-Fix for a crash that occurs during a game of Command
-Fix for store prices sometimes being improper while being a Captain
-Fix for contested status icon not updating properly
-Fix for late-join player seeing improper status icon

Multiplayer (Plunder)
-Fix for the idol respawn timer not appearing properly
-Fix for weapon gameplay issues while holding the idol
-Treasure chest, player starting spawns, & idol spawn locations tweaked
-Fix for idol pickup causing loss of functionality
-Fix for scoring animation playing improperly
-Fix for throwing animation playing improperly

Multiplayer (Weapons)
-Fix for sniper rifle scope-in times
-Fix for weapon progression being inappropriately earned
-Fix for starting ammo mod on some weapons

Mysticals (Spirit of the Djinn)
-Fix for timer not working properly
-Fix for FX not deactivating properly
-Fix for improperly turning off during to network errors
-Fix for icon not clearing properly when a player dies while it is active
-Fix for not being able to purchase while waiting to respawn

Mysicals (Staff of Ayar Manco)
-Received a decrease in the ammount of points it contributes towards your Support Score

1.03.013 (Multiplayer only)
-Decrease number of Warm-Up matches to unlock other playlists to one game
-Decreased the maximum Warm-Up matches from 10 to 5
-Tripled the Rank Points lost for a quit or disconnect in Ranked TDM

For a game that launched less than a week ago, that's a pretty huge patch to already be ready to roll. Again, that goes to show how committed to Uncharted 4 the team at Naughty Dog has been. It's always a bummer to see a game delayed but, over the course of the past year, they pushed the game back a couple times to make sure it was exactly the experience the team wanted players to have. Based on reviews, it sounds like the extra time taken was worth it. And now that Uncharted 4 is live, it looks like they're still moving full steam ahead to make sure it's as smooth a ride as possible.
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