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Why The Guitar Hero MMO Was Never Brought To Life

Only the most dedicated Guitar Hero fans will likely remember that, for a time, Activision planned on launching an MMO set within the game's world. Even fewer will remember why said game got canceled but, thankfully, the Unseen64 video series has provided all the details.

For starters, you have to remember that this Hero MMO, which would have united additional games such as DJ Hero, was being worked on back in 2011, which was definitely in the midst of the series' hot streak.

The game was originally going to launch on multiple platforms alongside a Facebook game that, while called an MMO, sounds suspiciously like one of those Facebook “games” that were so popular back in the day. In short, you would be in charge of running your own venue, and you'd hire your fans gaming on either the PlayStation, Xbox or Wii versions of the game to play for your customers. How they played in the various Hero games would determine how well they performed at your club and, thus, determine how much money, star points and the like you would receive.

To it's credit, at least this MMO planned to incorporate actual gameplay into the midst.

However, the game died in the water, despite the fact that everyone was pretty gaga for those peripheral games at the time. The Youtube series Unseen64 has looked into why that is, and their findings are pretty interesting.

While most folks will likely think of the developer Harmonix when they think about the Hero series of games, it was actually the DJ Hero team, Freestyle, that pitched the MMO to Activision. Since the game would have united all current and future Hero games, the video points out that the MMO would have cleverly united them in a way that would have kept players involved and perhaps incentivized them to check out additional titles.

Unfortunately for Freestyle, they were too inexperienced to handle such a large undertaking, and so the task passed to the team at Virtual Fairground, work on Hero World began in earnest.

Actually, everything about this game seems like it would have been an almost guaranteed hit. Unlike most Facebook MMOs that were popular at the time, Hero World sounds like it would have been a pretty robust offering that cleverly brought players together across multiple games and platforms. So, planned to launch in early 2011, why didn't it take off?

According to Unseen64, the fate of the Hero brand of games sealed the MMOs fate. The past year's worth of game sales had dropped off staggeringly, leading Activision to finally shut down plans on any future titles. Without more Guitar Hero and DJ Heroes coming down the line, there was no room for Hero World either.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.