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Why League Of Legends' Ranked Matches Are Disabled Right Now

League of Legends players throughout the world are currently unable to play ranked matches. Riot Games was forced to disable this competitive mode due to a huge bug in the game.

The bug centered around the spell Recall, which allows champions to return to base to heal up and buy new items. This spell normally requires a few seconds of channeling, during which time players are vulnerable to being attacked. Typically you have to hide or at least retreat behind your player's turrets to do it safely.

However, players discovered yesterday that the character Riven was able to instantly Recall through a combination of buttons. It's easily repeatable, too:

Riot Games disabled Riven temporarily while they worked on the bug. However, they quickly learned that she wasn't the only character able to Recall instantly. YouTube's filled with other videos showing additional characters doing the same. This video demonstrates the bug with Yasuo, Draven and others:

An instant Recall might not seem like a huge advantage. It's certainly an edge, though. Players could hypothetically escape from an ambush using the bug. The lack of a cast time for Recall also saves a few seconds here and there, which can prove valuable in a close match. So many games I've played have been won by a team narrowly stealing a Baron kill or stopping an inhibitor from being destroyed.

Once they found out that the bug wasn't limited to a specific bug or item, Riot decided to disable all Ranked matches. They remained disabled through the night. Riot announced to players this morning that suggests a fix is almost here, though:

We're still working on the fix that will allow us to turn on ranked queues in all territories. We completed the code change and are currently working with our Quality Assurance testers to verify this issue is fixed. We will update the status soon with more news.

In the meantime, LoL players can still play each other in Team Builder and other unranked queues. Seems like a good opportunity to work on your Champion Mastery levels or learn a new character.

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