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Square Enix’s Wizardlings is available for iPhone and iPad starting today, conjuring up a tap-centric mobile game that’s free to play.

You know the story here. A darkness had cast the land of Skywind in shadow and you, as a witch or wizard, must fight it off to restore the light. A sort of grid-based exploration game, players simply tap on a square within one of Wizardling’s 56 levels to reveal what lays hidden behind the darkness. You’ll either discover a part of the fantasy landscape, ingredients for your 50 spells, loot or an enemy that needs to be taught a valuable lesson about not invading your magical world.

The loot you pick up will help make your wizardling more powerful. The ingredients you stumble across can be mixed and matched to complete various spells within the five elemental powers: Fire, water, charge, air and holey. Coming as no surprise to RPG fans, the game’s monsters also happen to have an elemental property. If you want the best results on the battlefield, you’ll attack them with the spells of the opposite element. Eventually you’ll return all of Morrorim, I mean Skywind, to the light and, I’m assuming, start waiting for DLC.

Wizardlings is available now on iTunes free of charge. According to Square Enix, you can look for the title to make the jump to other mobile devices at some point in the not-too-distant future.