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Blizzard will soon be donning its philanthropy hat, offering World of Warcraft players a fiery new pet with part of the proceeds going to support the hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

It's not uncommon for companies to hold promotions in support of charitable causes and, over the years, video game developers have stepped up their game to offer unique promotions to assist those in need. Over on the WoW blog, Blizzard has announced just such a promotion involving Hurricaine Sandy, which recently ravaged the U.S.'s east coast, and the flammable bundle of adorableness, the Cinder Kitten.

“Support the Red Cross' Superstorm Sandy Response relief efforts and adopt a Cinder Kitten when this fiery feline arrizes in the Blizzard Store later this year,” states the announcement. “Your support will enable the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to survivors of disasters like Superstorm Sandy with 100 percent of the $10 adoption fee during this charity drive going toward this worthy cause.”

You see, it's that last bit that really warms the cockles of my heart. Usually, when someone hosts a promotion like this, just a “portion of the proceeds” goes to the charity being sponsored. Some support is better than no support, of course, but I've gotta hand it to Blizzard for throwing the full monetary weight of this event towards the Red Cross. WoW features one of the biggest audiences in gaming, and offering every dime off of what is contributed during the Cinder Kitten promotion will likely be a nice, hefty figure. Bravo.

Those who are interested in showing their support are encouraged to keep their eyes turned to the WoW blog for further information on when the Cinder Kitten donation drive will begin.