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Unless you're talking about a movie like Wreck-it Ralph, which isn't even based on an actual video game, the world of video game movie tie-ins is mostly populated with, shall we say, "tinkers. Not to count any Nazi chickens before they hatch, but it looks like the Castle Wolfenstein film is back on track for production and, call me crazy, but I'm guessing it will be the next in a long and storied tradition of terribleness.

Word is coming from Shack News that the Castle Wolfenstein movie train is once again rolling. The film was originally derailed during the 2007 writers' strike but, as of now, it looks like the project is still alive and kicking...Dammit.

Roger Avary remains at the helm for directing duties, but those are about all of the details concerning staff that have been announced. The plot supposedly revolves around two soldiers who find themselves infiltrating the dreaded Castle Wolfenstein while battling Hitler's SS Paranormal Division.

If the film is anything like the game it's being based on, we can expect our heroes to traverse large, featureless corridors, enter large, featureless rooms, occasionally stumble across secret passages, eat dog food, kill Nazis without being able to look up or down, and fight Mecha-Hitler.

You know, now that I put it that way, I'm kinda-sorta looking forward to this movie.