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IGG is celebrating the launch of the new expansion for Wonderland Online with a number of events and goodies, including some brand new wallpaper designs. The WLO team has also implemented a brand new server entirely dedicated to PvP, so for those who like to gain experience and notoriety from player-killing, they can do so and are encouraged to do so.

As stated in the press release…
In addition to the new expansion, the WLO team has prepared a brand new server called Aquarius. This is not the PvP server, though players on this new server are welcome to get in a little action if they feel the need. The WLO team reports that all the usual server opening activities will be available, along with a few surprises that they are keeping under wraps until show time.

The new expansion is currently available today (July 13th) and is ready for download. Amongst all the new content, a series of events, giveaways and rewards will be taking place to help encourage new and old players alike to jump into the action.

Gamers too cheap to lay down cash on WoW can check out Wonderland Online: Clash of the Champions by visiting the Official Website.

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