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Battling evil foes in Wonderland Online and feel like you could use some help? Well, if the life of a bachelor or bachelorette just isn’t cutting the custard in the life of an adventurer, perhaps you need to get married and IGG is here to help.

The popular MMORPG, Wonderland Online, is currently in process of receiving a major update. Version 5.0, titled ‘Glory of the Empire’ is coming and it’s nearly finished. In the recent press release by IGG they detail some of the features gamers have to look forward to in Wonderland Online.
All players will be able to enjoy romantic and luxurious weddings, the peak of which will come when Cupid, the God of love, appears to bless the newlyweds. Upon his arrival, the wedding house will be filled with an atmosphere of love and the perfume of blossoms. At the center of the floral arrangements, the groom and bride exchange their rings. Amidst the sounds of love and happiness, the priest will proclaim their unity for all to hear.

New, special NPCs will also be present to make the moment of matrimony as joyous as possible. In addition to new NPCs the team has also implemented a new wedding house, complete with decorations and ornaments…it’s like it comes straight out of a Real Simple magazine. A surefire hit for most female gamers, I’m sure.

Need to learn more about the new marriage system and Version 5.0? Feel free to visit the Official Wonderland Online Website. For more gaming news, updates, info and media, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.