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Who knew that an RPG style RTS could be so challenging, fun and different from many other MMOs out there? Well, I certainly didn’t know. Frogware’s newest free-to-play MMORTS is called World of Battles and the game is far from a walk in the park, abandoning the “easy” factor which seems to be the theme for many newer games.

If you’re tired of titles where just have to sit around and point-and-click without much thought then you obviously haven’t played World of Battles. You can’t sleepwalk through any of the missions given the limitations on how many units accompany you into battle as well as the layout of the land. Strategy enthusiasts will probably get a real kick out of World of Battles with its heavy reliance on actual strategy, much like a Warhammer 40k title, while RPG fans might be enthralled to find a nice cache of upgradeable units and equipment available for purchase between field bouts.

The real highlight of the game is the instant-PvP battles where players can test their mettle against other players, using wits and a cool head to prevail.

There are three different alignments to choose from, and three different races per alignment. Graphically, World of Battles doesn’t look half bad either and did I mention that it’s all free-to-play? Well, yeah…it is.

You can learn more about World of Battles and it’s intensely challenging gameplay or prep to download the client by heading on over to the Official Website.