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World Of Darkness MMO Confirmed By CCP Games

Early this year, leaked financial documents revealed that CCP Games was working on a World of Darkness MMO. Now they've publicly confirmed the project's existence and stated it's in pre-production at their North American office.

Here's what was spotted on CCP's website by World of Darkness Online:

White Wolf Publishing, which merged with CCP in November 2006, has been headquartered in the Atlanta area since 1991 and has been a leader in the gaming industry ever since. Its flagship property, the World of Darkness, has a rich history of over 18 years of creative development and is now the basis of one of CCP's major virtual world projects. Currently in preproduction, The World of Darkness is the undying heart of the development efforts in CCP's North American office.

World of Darkness, if you don't know, is the pen-and-paper role-playing universe that encompasses Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension, among others. Those financial documents from January stated the game would be launched in 2010 but as Blue's News points out, that's probably inaccurate. If the game were really that close to release, CCP would be releasing actual details about the game.

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