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Square Enix has finally confirmed that The World Ends With You announcement that they've been teasing for about a week. The developer/publisher is planning to re-release the DS RPG on iPhones and iPads tomorrow with HD visuals and new music.

World takes place in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. A teenager named Neku has been killed but can't remember why. In order to come back to life, he must win a week-long game created by the mysterious Reapers. In the process, he'll also try to find out how he died.

The game should translate to the touchscreen easily. In the DS version's combat, players drew patterns with the stylus to launch attacks. If anything, that'll be easier to accomplish with a finger.

Like a lot of Square Enix's iOS re-releases, World is going to be a bit pricey. You'll have to pay $18 for the iPhone version and $20 on iPad.

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