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Square Enix's cult classic DS RPG The World Ends With You was given new life today. Square Enix has released an updated version of the game through the App Store.

World Ends With You stars Neku, a boy who wakes up in the Shibuya district of Tokyo with no memory. He learns that he's a contestant in a week-long Game and will be erased from existence if he loses. He'll have to solve a series of challenges while figuring out what happened to his memory.

The iOS version, dubbed The World Ends With You: Solo Remix, sports full HD visuals. All of the game's art and animation has been redrawn. The game's sound has been likewise enhanced with both new songs and remixes of old favorites. Also, even though this is the "Solo" Remix, the game has multiple social features including Twitter integration, head-to-head Tin Pin Slammer battles, and Friend card trading.

World isn't a universal app so you'll need to purchase it for the iPhone or the iPad. The iPhone version is $18, while its iPad counterpart is $20. It's expensive by iOS app standards but not far off from what you'd have to pay for the DS version of the game. It's a whole lot easier to find than the DS version these days, too.

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