Some of the popular community-oriented action games that have dedicated communities have recently been updated with some brand new, much improved and fixed features.'s World of Tanks was recently updated in celebration of its third anniversary, which took place just last week. Content patch 9.0 contains brand new modes like Historical Battle Mode for history buffs with itchy trigger fingers, as well as custom made video from Rocket Jump celebrating the free-to-play war title with a “miniatures” tank battle that takes place in what looks like a hobbyist's playpen. Check it out below.

You can learn more about World of Tanks' upgrade over on the official website.

Moving on to advertorial item number two is Nuclear Dawn. Now we don't talk much about that game over here at Gaming Blend, but it's a fault entirely our own and that of a little nemesis of ours called Father Time. He's the one unrelenting villain that plagues the lives of everyone the world around... that rat dastard.

Anyway, Nuclear Dawn has been updated with some impressive features. Including new synching for Steam Workshop content, as well as better support for custom map files, improved client-side fixes, and an improvement on a few crashes.

The biggest update for this RTS-FPS title is that Linux players can now go head-to-head in online battles against Mac and Windows users. Awesome, right? That's bridging the world together one segregated social group at a time. Only GabeN... only GabeN.

You can check out the full list of features added, improved, fixed and brushed up like Joan Rivers after a weekly facelift, just head on over to the official Nuclear Dawn update page.

Last but certainly not least (and probably my most liked) is APB: Reloaded. So if you're still giving this GTA-style MMO a try – or perhaps, you've been waiting for a big enough update to take the dive – Reloaded Productions has tried extra hard to give you an incentive to want to do so with this latest update.

The game's latest major update sports a brand new Egg Scramble in celebration of Easter, brand new Dynamic Events that players can do as side-quests in the main action districts, as well as deployable and usuable items.

Now the deployable and usable items are really, really cool. For instance, you can drop some mobile cover, so you can use it to provide yourself or a teammate with a cover position when you desperately need to advance on an opponent but need a suppression point. Additional field suppliers have also been added, along with quick-spray medikits called Medispray.

The game's overhaul into the latest Unreal Engine 3 is still underway but Reloaded is continuting to roll out updates as they make the transition. I'm just curious if APB Reloaded will make it into the new Unreal Engine before Rockstar finally gets their bearings and makes GTA Online a comparably working product before that happens? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

You can learn more about the new features and updates for APB: Reloaded by paying a kind visit to the game's official update page.

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