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Ever wanted a full-scale tank battle in the palm of your hands? Of course not. All of those rolling treads and explosions would hurt like hell, no matter how tiny the tanks were. In digital form, however, it’s certainly a promising concept. Which is exactly why you might want to take a look at World of Tank Blitz, the free-to-play battle MMO that has officially rolled into its closed beta registration phase.

Wargaming today announced the impending launch of the World of Tank Blitz closed beta, featuring a pint-sized version of the developer’s hugely popular PC game, now optimized and specially designed from the ground up for mobile devices. As is typical with most games sporting the word “Blitz” in the title, we’re guessing that the World of Tanks mobile game will be a more condensed and focused experience, possibly with smaller maps and sporting new fast-paced gameplay that lets players get in, blow some stuff up, and get out with relative ease. This is all speculation, however, as very little has been revealed concerning the game save the trailer embedded above and the fact that it’s about to move into closed beta.

For those of you interested in taking part, leaving feedback and thus helping shape the final version of the game, simply head on over to the official website, click the big button that says “Join the Beta,” give them your info and then sit patiently in front of your computer for an untold length of time until you hear back from the folks at Wargaming. Keep in mind that it is unlikely that everyone who signs up for the beta will be invited to play, so perhaps keep a book and snacks handy to help get you through the long, lonely hours of waiting.

When it launches, Wargaming states that World of Tanks Blitz will be available for most iPad devices, as well as Android and iOS smartphones (eventually). Matches will be broken down into seven-on-seven bouts and, in the beta, more than 100 tanks will be up for grab hailing from the US, Germany and the USSR. As is the case in the big brother version of the game, players will have light, medium and heavy tanks to pick from, and organizing a healthy mix of those classes will go a long way toward ensuring victory on the battlefield.

World of Tanks Blitz closed beta will get us one step closer to building an online gaming universe, persistently available on a variety of platforms,” said Andrei Ryabovol, Director of Global Operations at Wargaming. “We think it’s a great goal, and we’ll be working on ways to make the tank combat experience on tablets and smartphones even more engaging, based on the feedback we receive.”

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