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A new study from the Pearl Research statistics and data consulting firm let loose some interesting news tidbits regarding the Korean MMO market. Despite rising development costs and overcrowding of MMOs, a few standout titles are leading the way in the Korean market, thanks to North American gamers.

According to the research study, since 2007 NHN’s North American branch has seen the company profits rise more than 50% in 2009. NHN isn’t the only online publisher milking American gamers for gains; Nexon, the people behind Combat Arms, Mabinogi and the upcoming Vindictus have garnered more than $585 million in revenue from North Americans alone, for 2009.

It’s funny that all our jobs are getting shipped overseas yet a bunch of oversea companies seem to be expanding their profit margins at the expense of American gamers. Hmm, is something wrong with this picture?

Anyway, the study also showed that a couple of games are still top priorities in the MMO market when it comes to revenue, with EA’s FIFA Online 2 leading the way during the first half of this year thanks to the World Cup. NCSoft’s Aion and Lineage, CJ Internet’s Sudden Attack, Nexon’s Dungeon Fighter and Blizzard’s behemoth World of Warcraft are all top contenders for milking funds in the Korean MMO spectrum.

You can learn more about the study by heading on over to the Official Pearl Research Website.

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