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World Of Warcraft Level 100 Boost Gets Amusing New Trailer

Blizzard has decided to introduce the level 100 character boost for World of Warcraft the same way they introduced the level 90 boost: with a short, funny trailer.

The level 90 trailer showed the gnome warrior Lemmy receiving a boost so he could join his friends in the new Warlords of Draenor adventures. Unbeknownst to him, though, he was being watched by his goblin rival Krazzel Crashfuse. This weekend's new trailer follows Krazzel as he tries to one-up his rival by raising himself to 100. As is appropriate for any goblin inventor, Krazzel's schemes are all unorthodox and hazardous.

Here's the older trailer, in case you don't see it at the time:

The boost instantly raises a new or existing character to level 100. They'll also get a set of item level 640 gear so they can jump right into the lowest difficulty level of raid instance Blackrock Foundry if they're so inclined. The new level 100 character will also get a full set of 22-slot bags and a level 3 garrison with a few buildings. They'll be provided with Artisan riding skill as well along with flying ability for Pandaria and earlier expansion regions. Boosted toons will still need to earn the meta-achievement for flying in Warlords of Draenor if they haven't unlocked it on their account yet.

If the character was above level 60 before the boost was applied, they'll get a few more bonuses as well. Their primary professions and First Aid will be automatically raised to 700. If they don't have primary professions, they'll be given two that suit their class.

As previously announced, Legion will start out with Horde and Alliance players fighting against demons together on the Broken Shore. As they drive back the Burning Legion's invasion and try to assault the Tomb of Sargeras, the newly boosted characters will be treated to a special series of quests to help them learn the ropes of their character.

Everyone who purchases World of Warcraft's new expansion Legion will get a free level 100 boost for one character. You can pre-purchase the expansion and get the character upgrade right now for your account as well. Blizzard is also selling these boosts on their own for $59.99 apiece.

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