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World of Warcraft players running out of things to do in Warlords of Draenor will get some relief this week. Patch 6.2.3 will introduce several new activities to the game on November 17th.

The patch brings back Valor point upgrades. You can spend 250 Valor points to boost gear by 5 item levels. This can be done twice for each item. You'll earn Valor in several ways:
  • Completing the first random Heroic Dungeon of the day
  • Completing Mythic Dungeons
  • Completing weekly Bonus Event quests (except for the Pet Battle Bonus Event)
  • Completing a Raid Finder wing for Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, or Hellfire Citadel for the first time each week.
Timewalking Dungeon events, which scale down players' levels and gears to classic dungeons, are being expanded. Magister’s Terrace and Pit of Saron are being added to the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King events, respectively. A new Cataclysm event will let you revisit the following old dungeons:
  • End Time
  • Grim Batol
  • Lost City of Tol’vir
  • Stonecore
  • The Vortex Pinnacle
  • Throne of Tides
During the Cataclysm Timewalking event, a vendor near the Cataclysm portals in Orgrimmar and Stormwind will sell modernized versions of the gear from that expansion. They'll also offer an assortment of toys. Furthermore, all Timewalking bosses will now have a chance to drop a flying dragon mount called the Infinite Timereaver.

Solo and five-man rewards have been boosted in quality so they'll be more desirable. Baleful items found in Tanaan Jungle now have a chance to give you random gear ranging between item level 655 and 695. Mythic Dungeons will drop loot that ranges between item level 685 and 725. Bosses in Mythic Dungeons also have a chance to drop heirloom trinkets that will scale up to level 110. This means you'll be using the item while leveling in upcoming expansion Legion.

There's reason to keep raiding Hellfire Citadel, too. Beating Archimonde on Heroic or Mythic difficulty will earn you a quest item that can be exchanged for a new Grove Warden mount. Blizzard has also introduced cross-realm Mythic raiding so you can find a group to tackle the Citadel while it's still relevant.

Some time after Patch 6.2.3, Blizzard will also transition to the third PvP season for Warlords of Draenor. Players will be able to earn Warmongering Aspirant gear that scales to PvP item level 715, Warmongering Combatant gear that scales to 730, and Warmongering Gladiator gear that scales to 740.

Blizzard announced last week that Legion will be available by September 2016. They haven't announced any new content past Patch 6.2.3 just yet but I hope they've got something else planned to keep players occupied until the new expansion arrives.
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