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Persistent bastards that they are, Blizzard has hatched another scheme to get people to play World of Warcraft. They're offering a free week to former denizens of Azeroth.

"World of Warcraft is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and we’re inviting you back to Azeroth to take part in the festivities. Your account has been selected to receive 7 days of FREE game time -simply click below to claim your time and rejoin the adventure," reads an evil, evil email sent to yours truly earlier today.

If you redeem the offer before December 7th, you'll get an Onyxia Brood Whelpling pet. The free trial itself expires on January 1st so you won't be able to save it for the launch of the next expansion, Cataclysm. Knowing Blizzard, though, they'll probably roll out another trial period when it's released.

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