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Blizzard is about to release a major patch for World of Warcraft. Patch 5.0.4, going live sometime this week, lays the groundwork for the upcoming expansion pack Mists of Pandaria.

The patch will introduce a completely revamped talent system. Every class has had numerous abilities added, modified, or removed. Druids will see the biggest change, as the Feral tree has now been split into two separate trees for melee DPS and tanking, respectively.

Many convenient features will be introduced in this update as well. Achievements, pets and mounts will now be tied to your account rather than individual characters, so players no longer need to worry about losing their prestigious rewards by switching to a different toon. Area of Effect looting will allow you to grab all of the loot off a group of dead enemies with one click. BattleTag support, the social feature introduced with Diablo 3, will now be officially added to WoW as well with this patch.

The patch also carries an interesting world event to set up the storyline of the expansion. Warchief Garrosh decides to launch an attack on Theramore, the Alliance's foothold on Kalimdor. Horde and Alliance players alike will be able to take part in the battle. No word yet on what that event will go live.

Blizzard typically releases a pre-expansion patch about a month before the expansion's actual launch. This gives players plenty of time to adjust their add-ons, try out the new or revised spells, and so on. The result is that once the Pandaria drops on September 25th, players will be able to dive right into the new content.

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