Today Blizzard released the features list for World of Warcraft Patch 5.2. The patch, due to hit the public test realm in early January, adds a range of new PvE and PvP content to the MMORPG.

The patch's storyline centers around Emperor Lei Shen, the Thunder King. This powerful being has returned to Pandaria to wreak his vengeance. Players will face Lei Shen and and his 11 minions in a new raid called Throne of Thunder. If you defeat the Emperor on Heroic mode, you'll also gain access to a 13th boss. Through these raids, players will earn reputation with a new Shado-Pan Assault faction and gain access to new Valor rewards.

In addition, raiders will have two more raid bosses to fight. Nalak the Storm Lord will test any players who wander near the gates to the Thunder King's citadel. The great devilsaur lord Ooondasta, meanwhile, awaits a challenge on the Isle of Giants. The new and existing world bosses will now operate under a Tap to Faction system, meaning that every player of the same faction who attacks a boss has a chance to earn loot. World bosses will also spawn more frequently than they did in the past.

The fight against Lei Shen will also play out in a new daily hub. Players will complete quests throughout the Isle of the Thunder King in service of the new Kirin-Tor Offensive (Alliance) and Sunreaver Onslaught (Horde) factions. They'll have the option of performing either PvE or PvP tasks. The ultimate goal is to unlock the Lightning Forge, a place where Blacksmiths can create new raid-quality items along with some forgotten classics.

Patch 5.2 is loaded with smaller content updates as well. The next step of Wrathion's Legendary quest will have players journey into the Thunder King's palace. In the process, they'll earn a new headgear enchantment called Crown of the Heavens. The Sunsong Ranch, meanwhile, can be purchased from Farmer Yoon. Players will then be able to complete work orders from different factions and earn reputation in the process.

Each character class will be receiving changes in the update. You can read the full list of nerfs and buffs in the patch notes.

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