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World of Warcraft players can now try out Patch 6.1. The game's first big update since Warlords of Draenor's launch is now on the Public Testing Realm (PTR).

Patch 6.1 brings big changes to heirlooms, the special items that boost experience point gains for alternate characters. Heirlooms are now lumped into account-wide collections much like mounts, pets and toys. Blizzard is also introducing new neck heirlooms that include a heal ability, making them ideal for solo questing. Your heirlooms can also be upgraded so that they'll benefit you up until level 90, the entry level for Draenor's content.

Player garrisons, meanwhile, are being expanded with new activities. Each day an NPC will visit offering one of five different activities:
  • Defeat a dungeon boss: Awards a bag with a chance to contain a level 630, 645, or 655 item token.
  • Defeat a raid boss (weekly quest): Awards a bag with a chance to contain a level 645, or 655 item token.
  • Bounty (intended for 3 or more players): Defeat a named elite NPC for a bag containing Apexis Crystals, and a chance to contain a level 645, or 655 item token.
  • Relic: Complete a series of quests to recover a relic for a bag containing Apexis Crystals, and a chance to contain a level 645, or 655 item token. Completing a relic mission unlocks it as a potential mission for your followers. Completing all 6 relic missions will unlock Harrison Jones as a follower!
  • Profession: Turn-in tradeskill reagents for Primal Spirits and work order tradeskill reagents.
Players might also encounter visitors offering unique pet battles. Some of these daily activities may give players an item that lets them summon one of six new raid bosses within their garrison. They'll need a raid of between 10 and 40 players to take them down.

Patch 6.1 will continue the Legendary ring quest line as well. Whoever completes this new chapter will get a brand-new follower for their garrison. Blizzard suggested in the past that it might be the first Legendary-quality Garrison member. In the patch notes, they just describe this follower as "epic" though.

Collectors will have a new mission in the patch. A new music box lets you play custom tracks in your base. These songs can be collected from Bounty or Relic missions. The patch notes mention you can find new songs "throughout the world" as well.

It's likely that Patch 6.1 will arrive after the launch of new raid Blackrock Foundry. It will give players the opportunity to earn items comparable to what drops in the Foundry. New Raid missions for followers can award random level 665 to level 695 items. The Apexis Crystal vendors, meanwhile, will begin selling level 670 pieces.

One thing that Patch 6.1 won't include is flying. Level 100 players will still be unable to use their flying mounts. Blizzard has indicated in the past that they may add that feature in time but players will have to keep waiting.

You can find the full details on the patch's features and exhaustive class changes at the official WoW website. They also include some instructions on how to access the Public Test Realm and copy your live character over to the test, too.