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Blizzard has released World of Warcraft's Patch 6.2 on the Public Test Realm. The upcoming update will bring both group and solo activities to the game.

The introductory quest line for the Warlords of Draenor expansion pack saw players fight their way through the Tanaan Jungle. In Patch 6.2, they'll return to fight the Iron Horde once again. Tanaan offers players new daily quests along with hidden treasures and Rare monsters.

You can access the new zone by building a Shipyard in your Garrison. The Shipyard, available to anyone with a level 3 Garrison, allows you to build ships and then send them on naval missions. You'll gain more resources for your shipyard by completing the new dailies at Tanaan Jungle.

Raiders, meanwhile, will have a new challenge: Hellfire Citadel. In this raid, players will encounter a number of enemies first encountered in The Burning Crusade expansion.

"Assault the Hellfire Citadel, mighty fortress of the Iron Horde, torn asunder by fel energies unleashed by Gul’dan, and stop the impending invasion of Azeroth!" Blizzard says. "Hellfire Citadel stands at the heart of Tanaan Jungle, where 13 deadly bosses await you, including Kilrogg Deadeye, the monstrous Gorefiend, a reanimated Mannoroth, and Archimonde himself."

The patch won't add any new dungeons but it will add a new difficulty for the existing ones. Mythic Dungeons have a higher difficulty but also better gear, making them worth players' time even if they're decked out in full Epic gear. In this difficulty, the dungeons drop item level 680 gear with a chance at level 700 gear on the final boss.

Patch 6.2 also introduces the final step in the Legendary ring quest line introduced at the beginning of the expansion. MMO Champion dug through the data on the patch and learned that these rings will be item level 730. In addition to having great stats, they'll also be imbued with a class-appropriate buff that hops between your party members every few seconds.

The last major feature of Patch 6.2 is the Adventure Guide. The Guide is described as an upgraded version of the Dungeon Journal, an in-game reference manual for all the dungeon and raid bosses. The Adventure Guide is said to give you "a wealth of information on what to see or do for the character." The new "Suggested Content" tab tells you what kind of challenges you ought to tackle next.

You can test out Patch 6.2 by downloading the PTR client now. You can find the current patch notes for 6.2, including the proposed balance changes for classes, here.