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World of Warcraft's patch 6.2 is only a few days away. The new trailer for the patch reveals that it's going live on June 23rd.

In the trailer, the orc warlock Gul'dan discusses his nefarious plans with his prisoner: Iron Horde leader Grommash Hellscream. We last saw Grommash and Gul'dan together in the Warlords of Draenor cinematic trailer. At the time, Hellscream had spurned Gul'dan's offer to empower the Iron Horde with dark energy - an act which would have also turned them into pawns of the demonic Burning Legion.

Gul'dan, as it turns out, is now powerful enough to convert the orcs to his (and the Burning Legion's) side by force. Here we see him unleash an avalanche of fel energy that turns an Iron Horde base into the Hellfire Citadel, a fortress which will serve as Patch 6.2's new raid.

Like previous raids in Warlords of Draenor, Hellfire Citadel will be rolled out gradually. The Normal and Heroic difficulties will be available as soon as Patch 6.2's launch. Players will then have to wait until subsequent weeks for Mythic and Raid Finder modes. Here's the full schedule for its release (via Battle.net):
  • June 23 - Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic difficulties open.
  • June 30 - Mythic difficulty becomes available. Raid Finder Wing 1 (Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormrok) unlocks.
  • July 14 - Raid Finder Wing 2 (Hellfire High Council, Kilrogg, Gorefiend) unlocks.
  • July 28 - Raid Finder Wing 3 (Shadow-Lord Iskar, Socrethar the Eternal, Tyrant Velhari) unlocks.
  • August 11 - Raid Finder Wing 4 (Fel Lord Zakuun, Xhul’horac, Mannoroth) unlocks.
  • August 25 - Raid Finder Wing 5 (Archimonde) unlocks.
Blizzard's recent tendency to stagger the Raid Finder wings by two weeks instead of one is a bit annoying. I suppose it's their way of making sure players have something new to look forward to throughout the summer, though. Hopefully they'll have something debuting in the fall once everyone's sick of Hellfire.

Hellfire Citadel is located within the Tanaan Jungle, a zone previously inaccessible outside of Draenor's opening quest line. Players will return here for new quests and to gather oil for their shipyards. The shipyard, a new Garrison facility, lets players build a range of vessels and send them off on naval missions.

Patch 6.2 also introduces a new meta-achievement called Draenor Pathfinder that requires you to do a lot of exploration, quests and treasure-finding through the expansion. A post-patch 6.2 update will allow anyone who earns the meta-achievement to use their flying mounts in Draenor. This requirement was a compromise between players' desire to fly again and developers' worries that it would disrupt questing. The release date for the update that will unlock flying is unclear but Blizzard has made a point of saying it's a smaller patch so we shouldn't have to wait long.
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