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World of Warcraft players can now purchase another premium in-game mount. The Swift Windsteed is available for $25 (or the local equivalent) through the Blizzard Store.

The Swift Windsteed looks like it was based on the Qilin. The Qilin is a deer-like beast from Chinese mythology. The Windsteed resembles a domesticated version of that creature, with armor plating and a saddle.

Like the Headless Horseman's mount, the Swift Windsteed can seamlessly switch between air and land travel. When you take to the air, the mount will be surrounded by a silver cloud.

When you purchase the mount, Blizzard gives you an activation code. This means you can give it to a friend if you wish. The mount will be accessible to all present and future characters on a single Battle.net account once the code is activated.

The Swift Windsteed is the fourth premium mount that Blizzard has released. The Winged Guardian, Heart of the Aspects and Celestial Steed each cost $25 as well.