As any Worms 2: Armageddon fan will tell you, there are few things more enjoyable than meeting a worthy opponent on the field of battle, pitting your armies of squiggly invertebrates against one another in mortal combat, and utilizing everything from shotguns and landmines to flying sheep and holy hand grenades to dispatch your encroaching foe. But what happens when said foe can't be found, or you don't have enough time to get in a full game? Life gets dull, that's what.

Thankfully the fine folks over at Team17 have finally taken care of that problem, releasing a free update to add asynchronous multiplayer to Worms 2: Armageddon's suite of features.

Available for pretty much every iDevice under the sun, Worms 2 is at its best when two individuals are guiding their own armies of creepy crawlers around the randomly generated maps, trying to kill off the opposition with a wide array of weapons to comical effect. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and hotseat options already available, players chimed in that sometimes it becomes difficult to find an opponent ready to sit down and dig in for a good 30 minutes of warfare.

Team17 heard their fans loud and clear, it would seem, as the ability to play asynchronous games has now been patched in. Players can now challenge up to 16 of their friends or randomly selected strangers in turn-by-turn play, giving everyone the opportunity to watch their opponent's most recent move, play their own single move, then get back to cooking dinner.

Worms 2: Armageddon is available now from the App store. For more information, visit the Worms Facebook page.

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