It's a well known fact that worms and aliens go together like peanut butter and jelly. The folks over at Team17 know this, which is why they are offering a handful of Worms iOS games, along with Alien Breed, for the low-low price of $0.99 as part of a sizzling summer sale.

If you own an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad and just so happen to be on the lookout for some new games to pass the final days of summer vacation, then Team17's ongoing promotion might be exactly what you're looking for. All of the developer's iOS Apps are on sale, including Worms, Worms HD, Worms 2: Armageddon, Worms Crazy Golf, Worms Crazy Golf HD and Alien Breed.

Worms and Worms 2 pits teams of, you guessed it, worms against one another on a randomly generated battlefield to wage war with bizarre weapons like the Holy Hand Grenade and Flying Sheep, as well as a healthy assortment of not-so-looney weapons like machine guns, land mines, etc. Players take turn controlling their individual worms, doing their best to deal lethal damage to their opponents before the same gets done with them. Worms Golf takes that formula and applies it to an explosive version of, you guessed it again, golf.

Sadly, there are no worms in Alien Breed. What you will find, though, is a top-down Sci-Fi shooter in which the player moves around a nearly destroyed facility while blasting alien scum.

If the only Apple product you happen to own is a Mac, you can also take advantage of another pair of deals. Worms Crazy Golf for Mac has been discounted to $2.99 with Worms Special Edition marked down to $4.99.

All discounts are for a “limited time,” so you might want to act quickly on this one just to be on the safe side. For more information on Team17, head on over to their official website.

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