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Writers Wanted: Join The Gaming Blend Team

Gaming Blend never stops looking for talented contributors, but now more than ever we want you.

We’ve updated our Help Wanted page with a new opening for a Video Game Reporter. This is a paying position and our standards are appropriately high. If you’re interested and want to apply, just head over to the Help Wanted page right here.

Details on what we’re looking for are as follows:

The ideal candidate should be passionate about gaming and able to convey that enthusiasm through their writing. We're not just hiring someone who can reword a press release. We want someone who can explain the news in their own words and provide some commentary in the process. If you think DRM is terrible, you should be able to explain why you hate it so much.We also want someone knowledgeable enough about the gaming industry to put stories in context. You have readers that are both casual and hardcore about gaming and you should be able to tell the news in a way that accommodates both. For example, can you describe Minecraft in twenty words? We don't expect you to know everything about every game, but you should be willing and able to research topics that you're writing about.We don't only want someone who's talented, though. Our news writer needs to be committed and energetic. The news never stops coming and Gaming Blend needs someone who can provide steady coverage.Prior writing experience is required, however experience writing about video games in particular is not. This position does pay a small, per article freelance rate for qualified writers.

Help us balloon out to an unreasonably large size by joining the Cinema Blend team. Just click here for more details.