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There are three different deals at GamersGate this weekend but one really sticks out from the others. You can buy the entire X-Com series for only $7.50.

The series centers around a secret agency tasked with defending humanity against extraterrestrial invaders. X-Com Complete includes three stellar strategy games: X-Com: UFO Defense, X-Com: Terror From The Deep and X-Com: Apocalypse. You also get a really bad flight sim (X-Com: Interceptor) and shooter (X-Com: Enforcer). These later missteps are why the game made our Top 5 Mishandled Game Franchises list last year. Still, those first three games were money.

The other two weekend discounts are a 66% discount on empire-builder Sword of the Stars Ultimate Collection ($9.95 instead of $29.95) and a 50% price cut on movie industry sim Hollywood Pictures 2 ($4.95 instead of $9.95).

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