As if the Unity Engine wasn't already getting enough positive word of mouth for just being plain awesome and easy to use for up-and-coming as well as well-established developers, it appears the engine will get some more positive word of mouth thanks to Xaitment joining with Studica to offer Unity AI plug-ins to students, teachers and educators at a discounted rate.

Xaitment sent out the word that the Unity plug-ins, xaitControl and xaitMap, middleware utilities used to design, map out and control AI routines, have been discounted through Studica for use in the information and education sector.

Mike Walsh, CEO of xaitment commented in the press release, saying...
”Students are the foundation of our game development future, and AI is a growing area of interest for game development,”... “We looked at several different options for making our products available to the educational market and Studica was the obvious choice. Studica has a worldwide reach and they are already partnering with some of our closest partners.”

One of the reasons xaitment has decided to head to the education sector as a means of providing software and learning tools for students and educators is that the original AI toolset that is used as a middleware suite for game engines actually originated from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence at a university. Hence, they're just doing their part in giving back.

Frank Nanfara, Studica President and CEO also had a few words to share about the step into the education arena, saying...
“Studica is excited to add xaitment to our offering for the education market. We are always looking for the most progressive software and xaitment fits in perfectly with our initiative to bring game design to students in the classroom and at home.”

Gosh, it's so great hearing about this kind of stuff making its way into classrooms and education centers across the market. It's a good step in the right direction for expanding open-mindedness and versatility in teaching and educating the youth about the power of digital design, math and computational mechanics at a young age. Sort of wish I had this stuff around when I was coming up.

Xaitment isn't the only company offering their services to the education sector, though. They're joining the likes of Valve, who also recently pledged their software services to teachers, students, home educators and schooling facilities alike.

If you or someone you know is looking for a way to help teach kids about computer design or the science of artificial intelligence, you'll probably want to learn more about xaitment, xaitControl and xaitMap as well as their affiliation with Studica by visiting the Official xaitment Website or the Official Studica Website.

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