Servicing more than 23 million users, Xfire has recently announced the rollout of a new feature for the service called Battleground. With the new feature users are able to basically join tournament games across the vast array of Xfire-supported titles such as Counter-Strike: Go and Call of Duty, similar to using Matchmaking services on Xbox Live. Pretty cool, eh?

Battleground has three primary modes: Instant Action, Direct Challenge and Tournaments. This enables gamers to easily and conveniently find competitive gaming rooms in their favorite games, as well as legitimately sponsored tournaments from Xfire affiliates.

Xfire CEO Paul Kim commented about running the service for ten strong years and implementing the new automated tournament organizer, Battleground, saying...
“The most successful games today are ones that have a competitive element, but currently the experience is fragmented and lacks structure,” ... “Battleground unifies competitive games into a seamless and engaging experience, making it a true game-changer that raises the stakes for serious players. We think Battleground has the potential to redraw the competitive PC gaming landscape and solidify Xfire as a leader in this growth-oriented space.”

In addition to rolling out the new Battleground tournament organizer, Xfire will also be getting into the microtransaction arena. I know, I know, that's a dirty word around these parts thanks to companies like Electronic Arts and Zynga. Nevertheless, the “X-Coins” will be used as a form of virtual currency, and will be used as a form of “earnings” or “winnings” from community-organized tournaments.

It'll be pretty cool being able to setup a tournament and allow the gaming community to earn some real-life cash through a virtual exchange like Xfire.

You can learn more about Xfire 2.0 and the new Battleground feature, along with all the games that Battleground supports, by paying a visit to the Official Xfire Website.

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