Yargis, the indie space shooter action game from five-person studio, PlazSoft, has reached its $10,000 Kickstarter goal with 14 days left to go, but that doesn’t mean the team is ready to wrap the campaign up. They’re looking to add even more content to the game with additional funding, hoping that beta access and additional bells and whistles will encourage more backers to throw $15 their way.

For the $15 pledge, Kickstarter backers will receive a digital download beta in September, which will update to the full version of the game once it launches. Initially planned for PC, the goal is to eventually bring Yagris to mobile, tablets and consoles at some point down the road, which extra funding could help support. While the Kickstarter wraps up on Aug. 6, there is also an option to pre-order the game, and thus take part in the beta, for $19.99 on the official website.

We’re not here to tell you how to spend your money, just that, if you’re looking to shell out some cash to help an indie developer along, then this might be one worth looking into. But we can’t expect you to make that kind of a decision without some additional details, now can we?

Now that PlazSoft has hit their initial funding goal, they’re hoping to add in enhanced graphics, more levels and spaceships, and even leaderboards if their stretch goals are achieved.

In Yargis, players build and pilot their own ships in order to defend the earth from the evil Mukka aliens. You can tackle the story in both single and multiplayer, or you can duke it out online or with a local friend in competitive modes, too. There’s even an option to play two-player with a single keyboard. Levels vary, tasking you with blowing up the baddies, checking out new planets, piloting your way through asteroid fields and more.

The best part, however, is that the game will come packed with the very same creation tools used by the team at PlazSoft to build the game. That means you’ll be able to use a simple drag and drop system to craft your own levels and missions, which can then be shared online. Think of it as LittleBigPlanet in space and you’re not too far off of the mark.

According to PlazSoft lead Jeff Minnis, the team set out to make their game a unique experience, rather than simply going for the look and feel of so many other indie games out on the market.

“To differentiate Yargis from the indie games that use the same basic 3D engine, we developed our own to provide a unique visual feel and gameplay experience,” explained Minnis. “For instance, the game’s custom 3D particle effects create unique explosions, weapons and bullets.”

More importantly, Minnis said that the team aimed to make Yargis fun for everyone, no matter their age or gaming experience.

“It’s easy for any member of the family to jump right into the fun, and players will love creating their own custom game levels,” Minnis said.

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