The official launch trailer for Focus Home Interactive and Pendulo Studios' thriller-adventure title, Yesterday, has officially gone live and it includes a mix of intrigue, some occult torturing and some untimely deaths.

If you just watched the launch trailer going into this game then you would probably end up being a bit mystified at its premise. Players will assume the role of the mysterious character, Yesterday, as he unravels a sinister plot that reaches far beyond anything most people can imagine.

The game is a far cry from Pendulo's previous outings, focusing more on the darker side of dramatic storytelling in an adventure title. It kind of reminds me of where adventure titles were headed during the late 90s before there was such a strong shift away from the PC market and toward the home consoles. If you enjoyed games like Gabriel Knight, The Last Express, The Haunting or the Broken Sword series, and you were looking for something just as dark and thrilling then you'll probably find what you're looking for in Yesterday.

The game is set for release tomorrow on PC. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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