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You Don't Know Jack Arrives On Facebook

The trivia party game You Don't Know Jack is now capable of ruining your productivity at work. Developer Jellyvision has launched a new version of the game on Facebook.

The Facebook edition features many of the familiar question types, including DisOrDat and Jack Attack. It will also resurrect Gibberish Questions, the old fan favorite. Gibberish Questions present you with a made-up string of words, and you have to figure out the real word(s) that rhymes with it.

Jellyvision promises a few new features as well. Expect new question types and Achievements. Also, as you'd expect from any Facebook game, you can easily invite any friends to share in your time-wasting ritual.

YDKJ is currently in beta on Facebook. However, Jellyvision states on their Facebook page (via GameTrailers) that the final version will be available soon. They also intend to release iOS and Android versions somewhere down the line.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.