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Many gamers came forward about not liking the direction DLC was going in but enjoying the possibilities it brought with it. Earlier this generation gamers joked about DLC eventually getting to the point where you would be paying for the full game and then paying to unlock every other feature on the disc...well, all jokes aside that day has actually arrived.

Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken comes with 38 standard characters out of the box, there were five PS3 exclusive characters and 12 additional characters locked away on the disc. The characters, by all accounts are complete. The proof of their completion is right here.

In addition to the characters, Street Fighter X Tekken includes a number of other disc-locked features, one of which includes colors. Yes, colors. Out of the box gamers can experience a full-on color customization feature that allows you to put together your own color schemes, it's similar to what SNK has offering in their King of Fighter games since their debut on the PlayStation 2. The real kicker is that, out of the box, the customization feature only comes with two colors: black and white. The rest of the colors are disc-locked.

Capcom recently revealed that 12 colors will be free, however the game contains 56 disc-locked colors. This means that all 44 other colors will not be free and will carry a price tag, just like the rest of the disc locked costumes and characters.

The real question is, are you okay with this move? How do you feel about a game including a customization feature but majority of all the content of that feature must be paid-for to unlock? Do you think that content finished before certification and stripped from the main game but stored on the disc should be re-sold with a price tag? Do you support paying for accessory features like character colors, something that was standard in all fighting games since the early 90s, including Capcom fighting games?

Some gamers seem to be okay with this move while others feel that the game is well worth its $60 price of entry and everything else is just icing on the cake. Would you be willing to support games that continue to lock more non-essential gameplay content on the disc to pay for it later?

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