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Illfonic and Psyop Games' Moving Hazard, an upcoming first-person shooter set within a zombie apocalypse, will be entering into Early Access on Steam starting March 10th. The game will be available for $19.99 and will offer gamers a number of modes and features ahead of its full release.

Illfonic and Psyop explain in the press release that the game will be “robustly” featured on Early Access, with the Unreal Engine 4-powered FPS offering various loadout customization options for different play-styles and weapon proficiencies, as well as three different playable classes across two different competing factions.

Moving Hazard will see players partaking in team-deathmatch style encounters against other players while battling NPC zombie hordes that can also be used used as flesh-eating allies across four different maps in four different game modes. The hook of the game is that players will attempt to kill the opposing team by using zombies as massive distractions or hounds to attack opponents, this is all thanks to various gadgets and gizmos at the disposal of players who can turn the zombies into focused, moving hazards.

The first-person shooter isn't unlike Capcom's Umbrella Corps, the upcoming Resident Evil spin-off that sees players partaking in team-based PvP where zombie NPCs also happen to be roaming around. It's interesting because in both games the zombies are just there to be used as tools to either slow down or impair the opposing side.

There hasn't been enough showcased yet of Moving Hazard to make any final judgments about what the quality of the gameplay will be like, but the Early Access rendition will feature plenty to keep players entertained, including up to 30 different perks that can be utilized throughout the game, eight different weapons that allow for 50 different weapon modifications, and both lobbies and a player hideout where it's possible to upgrade a character, customize them and personalize skills.

Part of the hook of the game is that a lot of the weapons are supposed to be based on real life military gear and will supposedly function as such. This will give the game a more hardcore edge instead of the casual fare you might find in games like Combat Arms. With only eight weapons in the line-up, though, hopefully they have plans on introducing more weapons to the game later down the line when it's time to eventually graduate out of Early Access.

Another big selling point for Moving Hazard is how zombies can be used as weapons. This is done with what's called “zombie control technology”. Players can use things like a pheromone attractor Molotov to throw it and instantly draw zombies to that spot. There are also chaos grenades that can stun human enemies and cause zombies to go into a frenzied fit, forcing them to attack any and everything nearby, not unlike the hallucinogenics in games like Assassin's Creed. And then there's the Templar broadcast that can put out a signal to repel zombies and scurry them in the opposite direction, perfect for clearing out an area or for staging a getaway.

According to the press release Moving Hazard will only be in Early Access for a short while throughout 2016. They plan on getting the full game out with content-complete features before the year is out. For more info feel free to visit the official website.

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