Zombie I Scream Takes On Zombies With Ice Cream On iOS

Nowadays, it seems like every other video game that hits the shelf features zombies. Whether mowing them down is the main focus of the game or an additional mode, gamers are getting pretty used to re-slaughtering the undead masses. The folks at Thefty Jack seem to feel like it's time to try and save the undead, though, which is why they have now released Zombie I Scream for iOS.

Zombie I Scream resurrects the undead slaying genre, this time tasking players with saving their zombified carcasses rather than pumping them full of lead. And how do you do that, exactly? With a government-issued van that shoots curative ice cream at the shambling hordes, of course.

“Is this the best zombie game for the iPhone? We think it is because it's so unlike the other games in its non-violent approach,” Said David Deutsch of the family-friendly Zombie I Scream. “...The goal in our game is to save the world by saving the zombies. We think that a message of salvation is needed, even in today's zombie-fueled culture. Add the incredible artwork, unique gameplay and a mastermind evil chicken and our game stands out from the pack.”

Developer Thefty Jack is stationed in Boston, which just so happens to be the game's setting. Players will visit landmarks like Fenway Park, Harvard Square and Faneuil Hall in order to douse zombies with a special brand of ice cream that can turn them back into normal humans. Cure enough zombies and the world will be saved from an undead apocalypse.

Zombie I Scream is going for $1.99 over on iTunes (opens in new tab) right now.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.